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Each product listing has its own specific set of FAQs below the related products section (scroll down).
Below, we have also provided answers to some of the most commonly asked product questions.

a gogglesoc is a one size fits 'most' product.
There are some goggle sizes that a gogglesoc does not work so well on. We do not recommend purchasing gogglesocs for childrens goggles (age 5 and under).
There are some adult frames that a gogglesoc does not work so well on either. If you're unsure. Please send us an email at shop@gogglesoc.com.

A visorsoc is a protective microfiber cover for helmets with an integrated visor. They are designed to protect and clean when your visor is not in use.

The gogglesoc facemasks are a one-size-fits-most product. The bendable nose piece and elastic ear loops are adjustable to provide a custom fit.

sunnysocs will fit most glasses and sunglasses. They are a little small for some larger frames and cycling glasses though.
If you're not sure, give your sunnies a quick measure.
The dimensions of a sunnysoc are:
centimetres: L 18.5cm x W 8.3cm x D 1cm
inches: L7.25 inch x W 3.25 inch x D 0.25 inch

Sunnysocs are your personal eyewear protection pouch that combines function with personality. Express yourself by way of our multitude of designs and use the product to protect your sunglasses in style. Your lenses will love you.


You can purchase gogglesoc products online from either our North American store (gogglesoc.com) serving the USA and Canada, or our European store (eu.gogglesoc.com) serving the EU.
Alternatively, look for gogglesoc products at a retail location near you. Our Store locator is kept up-to-date with stores that carry our products globally.

Every order from gogglesoc.com is sent with a tracking number. You will have received this by email after checkout. Please allow 24 hours for the tracking information to update.
Once the order arrives, you will get another notification to say it's there.
If your traking shows your order has arrived, but you haven't received it yet then please send an email to shop@gogglesoc.com, and we can file a claim with the carrier. We suggest waiting 24 hours between claimed delivery time and filing a claim. Delivery notifications are controlled by the carrier.

If you have a gogglesoc discount code, you can enter it during checkout on the right screen below your order summary. You will see a field that reads "discount". Enter your code in this field and hit "Apply" for your discount to take effect. For some discount codes you will need to enter your shipping information before you enter the code to make it work.

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to your country yet. Please visit our our store locator to find one of our retail partners near you.

We accept the following: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Interac. We do not currently accept Paypal payments.

Send us an email at shop@gogglesoc.com and we'll look into it for you.

Please send us an email at shop@gogglesoc.com. If it has not shipped yet, we will make our best to change our order

We have two suppliers, one in China and one in Cambodia.

We're always looking for new design ideas. Send your ideas to shop@gogglesoc.com.

We regularly work with some ski resorts and shops on custom socs. They are only available in stores. we are sorry you could not get a hold of a specific design but keep checking our website, as we update our designs regularly.


Yes of course! The Rookie program is design to be efficient, quick and cheap. You chose your design among the nine preslected and the position and size of your logo, the MOQ is 100 units that you can split in 2 designs (50 units each). If you want something more personalized, our Pro Program starting at 200 units is what you need!

Yes! Some restrictions apply. Please email shop@gogglesoc.com to learn more.

Yes! Some restrictions apply. Please email shop@gogglesoc.com to learn more.

I'm sorry but we do not offer custom gogglesoc facemasks at this time.

The Rookie program is designed to be efficient, quick and cheap. You chose your design among the nine preslected and the position and size of your logo, the MOQ is 100 units that you can split in 2 designs (50units each)

The Pro Program is a full-custom program that allows you to go crazy and get a uique design that represents your brand, the MOQ is 200 units that you can split in 2 designs (100 units each). Send us your own design in high res or let the magic of our designer do the job ($100 design fee)

We pride ourselves at offering qualitative products, this limits us the minimum quantities we can produce

Yes! We offer high quality printing that allows a great deal of detail on the products enabling us to print hi-resolution images.

First we work on the design (typically a week or so) once this is signed off, your custom order will take 4-6 weeks

Unfortunately the minimum order quantity is 100 units. Visit https://gogglesoc.com/pages/feeling-creative to find more about our custom programs

You should make sure you have the copyright for the image you chose. Also, we are happy to help making the nest out of design to get the best results


Due to the impacts of Brexit, we are not currently shipping to the United Kingdom.

For UK customers, you can access a limited selection of our product line by shopping at Funky Yeti: https://www.funkyyeti.co.uk/collections/gogglesoc

All orders placed on eu.gogglesoc.com ship from our warehouse in The Netherlands.

Please reference our Shipping policy page for the most up-to-date information.

Our North American store will ship to both Canada and the USA, while our European store serves all countries in the EU (including the Brexiteers... for now)

While our online store doesn't always have the most up-to-date postal codes in it's auto-populated fields, our warehouses and shipping carriers are always up-to-date. Enter your new postal/zip code and we'll make sure your package makes it to you.

Yes, our North American website (gogglesoc.com) ships to anywhere in North America

We ship everywhere in North America and the European Union. If we don't ship to your country (don't worry, we're working on it) please find your nearest store using our store locator.

Please reference our Shipping policy page for the most up-to-date information.

If your order is still on the pre-order stage, it means that your order is being processes by our warehouse. The status should get updated soon.
Please give it one or two days!

Sometimes the tracking can say delivered when the parcel is still on its way. Please wait for 2-3 days and do not hesitate to come back to us if your still have not received anything


At gogglesoc, we stand behind our products and want our customers to be happy with their purchase.If you have a defective or broken product, take a picture and email it to shop@gogglesoc.com and we will take it from there.

Get in touch with us at shop@gogglesoc.com and we'll let you know what to do.
Please do not send product back without contacting us first.

If you would like to exchange your gogglesoc, please send an email to shop@gogglesoc.com detailing your request.
Items purchased from local retailers are subject to their returns and exchanges policies.

Refunds take up to 10 days to be effective. Thanks for your patience!

No. For hygiene reasons, all gogglesoc facemask purchases are final and non-refundable.


We'd love to chat! Please get in touch with us via email: shop@gogglesoc.com

Our terms are typically net 30 on ship.

Yes! Please contact shop@gogglesoc.com to arrange this option.

Retail order MOQ starts at 40 units.



Email us at shop@gogglesoc.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.