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green camo facemask


    - One size fits all.

    - Adjustable nose piece and ear straps.

    - Washable.

    - Comes with pouch to keep it clean during transport.

    **The gogglesoc facemasks are non-medical grade. They are designed for civilian use to help filter particulate matter.

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  • Fabric

    - 3+ Breathable layers.

    - fits air filter for extra protection (filters not included).

    - 60% polyester/ 40% cotton.

    - Soft recycled cotton lining.

    Total Bottles Repurposed


    made from recycled plastic bottles

  • Care Instructions

    - Machine washable.

    - Wash with similar colors on normal wash cycle.

    - Do not bleach.

    - Air or tumble dry.

    - Do not iron.

Gogglesoc products are sold in thousands of retailers worldwide. Although we can't guarantee what products or prints they offer, check out our store locator to find one of our retail partners near you!

The gogglesoc facemasks are a one-size-fits-most product. The bendable nose piece and elastic ear loops are adjustable to provide a custom fit.

gogglesoc facemasks are one-size-fits-most. We do not recommend purchasing these masks for children under the age of 8 though.

gogglesoc facemasks are reusable, washable and come with a handy storage and washing pouch for cleanliness.

Unfortunately we do not currently sell facemask filters, but these can be purchased from a variety of online sources including Amazon.

No - the gogglesoc face masks are designed for civilian use to help filter particulate matter. These products are not designed for medical application.

The gogglesoc facemasks are a better alternative to disposable masks as they are reusable and washable. In addition, the comfy inner layer is made from reycled cotton.

facemasks are made in Cambodia in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible factory

facemasks and their pouch can be washed whenever you need, they are washing machine friendly.

We recommend air-drying the gogglesoc facemasks.

Let's be honest, not wearing a mask is way more comfortable than wearing one. However, our design team has worked closely with our suppliers to create a face mask that is as comfortable as possible. The gogglesoc face masks offer both behind the ear and around the head support. This means you can switch it up throughout the day for maximum comfort.